S*x Positions: 5 ways to light up your missionary style game!

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Missionary style is the oldest sexual positions, these are ways to take it a notch further!


Sex is an integral part of intimacy between two people, it usually where all the romance leads to, the fraternization of the sex organs. Like every human endeavor, some people will spend more time on it than others, for instance, Ahmed Musa will play football better than I could or would because he spends more time playing football than I do in a day, a week or even a month but sometimes it still feels like I can play better than him when he blows off some chances.

So, back to why we’re here. A lot of people like sex, a large percentage of the world do, people who enjoy certain part of the intercourse than the others. Some people won’t mind staying home and having sex. People who have spent more time doing it more than the rest of us have listed ways to make the missionary style even better.

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Kanye once said “Only good gon’ come is as good when I’m cumming”

I know most of us quite conversant with missionary style, this perhaps is how Cane and Abel were conceived, my point is that it is perhaps the oldest style of sexual intercourse known to man. So, here are 5 ways you can spice the missionary up.

1. Default Missionary

The famous style is also the most intimate one, there is a lot of eye contact, the male is more dominant, and there is space for other romantic activities like staring into each other’s eyes, whispering sweet words and definitely kissing , courtesy of the couple are facing each other. Chances are the first time you had sex, this was the style you used. It’s so good that it allows for easy thrusting and allows you pull out to be so strong.

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