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It had been three months since Aunt Juliet found out, I was chased out of the house literally half naked. A family meeting had been held, and I was asked to go to another state , just to prevent my Aunt breaking an heavy bottle on my head . I once heard she had sat Uncle Tosin down, gave him a pen, and held his hand to sign the Divorce documents.

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I had to travel to enugu to surprise Natasha for her birthday, she had been a great support through out the months, and the least I could do was visit her. I had to get a pair of shoes or two, for  a surprise present.

The drive to enugu was excruciatingly painful, the bad road  made the journey much longer, and at a time I felt as if I were inside the armpit of the woman beside me, the odor was nauseating. Natasha expected me tomorrow , but I planned on going  earlier just to surprise her, and help with further arrangements concerning the birthday party.

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I would have been stranded if not for the house address she sent me earlier, her number had not being reachable since I arrived enugu, I had to ask questions from strangers to get to my destination. I had eventually arrived at her house when I put a call through, and it finally rang.

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