Must Read: Sshhh… Don’t tell Daddy {L*sbian Er0tica}

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I was so absorbed in what I was doing that I did not notice Karimat slipping into the room, I gave a start when I felt her warm hand on my leg.

I had been back to Lagos barely two weeks and I was already bored.

 A lot had happened in the year since I had been away at the university in Benin, a whole lot actually. My father got married to this young woman that was most probably my age. He sent me photos from the small ceremony while I was in school. I showed it to my friends and we laughed over how older men seem to feel validated only when they have a younger lady in their arms.

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I met her when I returned and she was way more pleasant than I expected. I already had this image in my head of a gold digging opportunist but Karimat seemed far from that. She was very nice to me even though I was not very warm towards her. I criticised her every move but  she only returned my attitude with warmth and kindness. She would compliment me every chance she got and I found myself actually liking her.

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