Must Read: My sister’s bestfriend [L*sBian Er0tica]

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Bukola, my younger sister’s best friend, came to spend three weeks at our home. They had both just graduated from secondary school and Bukola’s parents had asked mine if she could come spend a couple of weeks because they had to travel.

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Bukola had been in our house only one week and I knew that I was being tested to the limit. I would never identify myself as a lesbian but there were simply some girls who always seemed to capture my attention. Bukola was one of them. She was that kind of girl that most can describe as having the eyes of innocence but the body of sin. Though still very young, her breasts were quite big, leading me to guess that she must be a DD in cup size. Asides from that, she seemed to prefer these short, light nightwears that made my eyes pop with arousal whenever I saw her. The way the dresses would hug her figure while giving me a tantalising view of her breasts including her nipples, just makes me want to grab her and never let go.

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