Must Read: In the shower [Part 1] {Naughty Wife Er0tica}

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It was on my wedding night, I think, that I knew I would one day have an affair.

I had only ever been with one other man before my husband. He was amazing. He had this big mighty cock that, once my pussy got used to the thickness, had the ability to drive me to heavenly bliss and back. We were together for nearly a year and it was a year of great sex and amazing chemistry. We did end things eventually and I missed his dick terribly. We broke up when I realised there was nothing in the relationship except for the sex. I then made a vow to avoid sex with anyone until I was sure the relationship was solid on its own.

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This turned out to be a good decision as I was able to weed out riffraff who were only interested in my pussy. I eventually met my husband, Michael, and he hung in there with me. He was good and kind to me. He loved me and took great care of me. Even though we were not having sex, I still felt confident in the relationship. I would not lie, though it was torture, being around him and not jumping him. I missed being fucked terribly but I was afraid he would think less of me if I told him I changed my mind and wanted to fuck before marriage. Besides, he was in awe of my ability to wait and I believed that was the reason he fell in love with me.

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