Must Read: A sensual afternoon {$uper Er0tica}

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He turned the doorknob, then pushed open his bedroom door with a kick, as he kept his grip on her, kissing and savouring the taste of her mouth on his.

They held on to each other as they stumbled into the bedroom. His hands were all over her, caressing her ass, back and hair. She kissed him back with just as much passion, opening her mouth as his tongue slid in and out.

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Fucking her colleague was definitely not in Kate’s plans when she came over that Saturday afternoon. Sure, she was aware he was attracted to her but they were good friends. He lived with his two sisters, so usually, when she went to visit Tayo, the girls were usually around. She spent as much time with them as she did with him. But that day, his sisters had evidently gone out earlier. Knowing they were both alone in the house was enough to heighten the intensity of his attraction to her. He had begun by leaning in for a kiss. Kate hesitated at first but eventually gave in, mostly out of curiosity. The kiss soon became very heated and in no time at all, Tayo was reaching underneath her skirt and caressing her through her panties. What was more surprising was that she was letting him.

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