Must Read: The Pu**y Licker [$uper Er0tica]

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David was known by a group of girls at the eatery where I worked as the ‘Pussy Licker.’

I had been working at the eatery which was located in one of the few quiet areas in Lagos for about two months. At first, I thought David’s moniker was some kind of joke the girls played until one of them, Norah, told me that he had ‘serviced’ a couple of girls and he was ‘fantastic’ at it. I kept my distance from David though. This was my first job out of the university and I wanted to keep it for as long as I could.

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David was stationed in the kitchen while I worked at the front, taking orders and serving food to customers. Every once in a while, he would check me out and wink at me. I simply just smiled and ignored him. I suspected I was his next conquest and I was not about to encourage his advances.

One night, it was nearly closing time and David and I were on the final shift of the day. He was wrapping things up in the kitchen while I stayed out front, waiting for the last couple in the corner of the room to finish with their meal.

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