Must Read: Pleasing Shola’s mum {$uper Er0tica}

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Pleasing Shola's mum

I knew that third bottle of beer was a bad idea before I took a sip.

I was hanging out with my guys, Shola and Mike, at Shola’s house. We were playing video games when Mike suggested that had a little fun and buy ourselves a few beers. It was easier for Mike. He lived only a few blocks from Shola and their parents were close so he could spend the night if he wanted to.

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I resolved not to consume more than a bottle of beer but after the cool drink slid my mouth down my throat, I knew it would be difficult to say no to that second bottle. We all loved hanging out at Shola’s house. He lived with his mother who was not usually home until late at night. Lots of time, Mike and I would return from school (we were in SS2) and spend a few hours of freedom there before returning to our homes and under the ruling of our parents. Drinking was not something we did a lot. Mostly, we just played video games and watched sports.

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