Must Read: The Neighbour’s Dick {Slutty Er0tica}

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It was a dull Saturday afternoon. I was lying in bed, trying to decide if I should go on over and knock on the Neighbour’s door.

A few days ago, Martha, my roommate, had come home to tell me how amazing Tolu, our neighbour, was in bed. She had come home thrilled after spending nearly two days being pleased by him. She talked about how great he was at eating her out and how well he used his large cock. Just hearing Martha talked about Tolu that way turned me on. I would often groan and lick my bottom lips. In fact, one time, I wanted a taste so bad that I sucked Martha’s cunt immediately after her fuck session with him. I had to admit, he tasted really good.

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Thinking about it now, I knew there was no way in hell I would wait any longer to get serviced by him. I got up to take a shower, fixed my hair and applied a little light make up. I chose a black off-the-shoulder dress which was uncomfortably tight but I figured I would not have it on for long anyway. I ditched the underwear for the same reason. I then chose a simple pair of flats and after applying some perfume, I stepped out.

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Within two minutes, I was knocking on Tolu’s door.

“Hello, Lola, right?” He asked after he opened the door.

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