Must Read: Martha’s Threeway {Slutty Er0tica}

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I came home that night to find Martha in the living room with a handsome stranger. After sparing a couple of minutes to say hi to the couple, I went into my bedroom.

I was on my bed an hour later, trying to make a decision on dinner when Martha entered the room.

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“So, babe, I have a favour to ask.” she said.

I sat up in bed, waiting for her to speak. “Wale wants us all to hang out together.” She continued, her voice heavy with underlying meaning.

I laughed. “And why would he want that?”

“Well…” she started, “I may or may not have told him that your pussy tastes really good.”

Another snigger escaped my lips then I paused, “he is paying, huh?”

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She looked slightly sheepish. I had guessed right. Martha only usually lets her partners get their ways whenever there was money involved. I did not mind. It would make for an interesting evening and I hardly ever said no to good sex.

“I would join you soon.”

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