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“So how far have you two actually gotten?” Amyn prodded in her usual blunt way.

“Not far. Kissing, holding hands, that sort of thing,” Ezinne heaved a frustrated sigh, “One time we lay together stargazing on the back of his car, but he just held me.”

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Amyn raised an eyebrow. It was worse than she’d thought.



Ezinne and Geoffrey had been dating for almost a year, and it was obvious that they were in love, but it seemed that their relationship had come to a stand still. Amyn knew why, and it worried her: Ezinne had grown up in the shadows of a promiscuous mother. In trying to avoid the bad reputation that came with such circumstances, she had gone overboard to be the woman’s complete opposite; to the point of hiding her own sexual nature. Geoffrey knew nothing about this, but he did seem to understand that something wasn’t quite right and was apparently waiting for Ezinne. At this rate, it would take them forever!

Studying her best friend carefully, Amyn ventured, “You don’t sound too happy about that.”

“I’m not.”

“Then do something about it.”

Ezinne tossed her honey-colored boxbraids out of her face. “And what would you have me do? Jump up and say ‘Hey Geoffrey, I want us to do everything that I’ve ever read about on my nasty friend, Amyn’s blog?’ Forget that!”

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