Must Read: At the hotel [Naughty Wife Er0tica}

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“Oh come on, I really need to go, Femi,” I said, trying to push him off, I gave up the fight when he bent his head and claimed my mouth in his.

“Are you happy, my love?” Michael asked me one night, we had just finished making love, well, if you can call it that.

His teeny tiny prick had swum and poked shallowly at the entrance of my pussy, making no dent at all. He played around there while I laid underneath him, knowing he would be done in a few seconds. He was. He got off me, panting. As always, I wondered what kind of work he thought he must have done for him to be so breathless and proud of himself.

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I never said these things to him, though. What good would it do to tell him that his dick was so small? I barely even felt it. It will only make him feel bad and despite everything and my multiple affairs, I do love my husband.

“Hmm…” was the sound that escaped me as I snuggled against his body. This aftermath was not so bad. I could simply hold the man I loved while trying to ignore the throbbing desire in my pussy.

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“I asked if you are happy.”

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