Must Read: Flatmates (Part 2) [$uper Er0tica]

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$uper Er0tica: Flatmates [Part 1]


Oh well, I’ve had to listen to them having sex for three months. Time for some payback, she thinks to herself as a broad grin lights her face. Despite telling herself that, she’s still embarrassed nonetheless.

As she nears the bathroom door, she makes the mistake of glancing into the living room and the kitchen. Jide is in the living room watching TV, and he looks up with a broad knowing grin as they pass. He raises his eyebrows at Michael. Kate doesn’t see Michael’s response to him, because she makes eye contact with Pamela in the kitchen. Pamela is wide-eyed with a curious smile, and a look that says: “What the fuck is going on?”

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Kate’s face is completely ashen as she reaches the bathroom door. She yanks it open and quickly pulls Michael inside, closes the door, and lets out the breath she didn’t know she’d been holding.

This is THE definition of the walk of shame, she thinks.

“Look at you. You’re positively glowing,” Michael says, smiling affectionately at her. Kate glances over at the mirror, and sees her face. Her eyes go wide with embarrassment and somehow her skin seems to get red. She looks back at him sheepishly and looks away.

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