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Standing naked in the bedroom, having just stepped out of the shower, I turn and look at the view in the mirror. Steam is still rising off my shoulders . I close my eyes trying to remember the feelings that were stirred in me last night. All of a sudden, making me gasp and then giggle at the way I jumped, I feel a feather light touch caress my steaming shoulder and slowly slide down my arm.

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The cool place left on my shoulder from the hand that lingered but burned there oh so briefly is soon replaced by a gentle kiss from the softest lips I have ever felt. Those lips then travel slowly across the back of my neck and under my hair. There is a sudden rush of cool air across my neck when you lift my damp hair allowing you access to my skin. The cool breeze sends a shiver down my back and I feel every hair on my body stand up in a primitive response to try to keep me warm. I feel my nipples contract, pucker, and stand rigidly to the point where they almost ache.

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