Must Read: Christmas with Aunty Bisi [Part 2] {$uper Er0tica}

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Must Read: Christmas with Aunty Bisi [Part 1] {Er0tica Story]


The next day was Christmas Eve and Janet again left early for another long day working at the shopping mall. Ijeoma and Bisi spent the day putting final touches on the decorations and doing some Christmas cooking. Lenny could hear them chatting away happily all day as he mostly read and watched TV.

Janet returned later that evening and the four of them had an unplanned dinner together. They all then relaxed and watched “Home alone” as they ate huge piles of popcorn. It was a banal tradition, but this is how Lenny’s family always passed Christmas Eve.

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Ijeoma and Janet went up to bed quite early as Bisi stayed on the sofa reading a new book she had just started. About 30 minutes passed since they left as Lenny and Bisi sat together in silence.

“So,” Bisi finally said breaking the long silence,

“I’ve got something I have been meaning to ask you.” She paused for the slightest moment as if to emphasis what she was about to say.

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“Did you ever find what you went upstairs to get that day after Easter?”

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