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As soon as I saw him, I just knew I would be going home with him.

Damola, a friend of mine was getting married and she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. She was marrying the son of a wealthy Nigerian politician and thinking of all the possibilities of meeting the right people, I could not say no.

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The wedding was one of the most beautiful ones I had ever attended. I feasted my eyes on all the rich, handsome men that were there, both young and old. I got propositioned by two well-known personalities in politics. I even got hit on by a famous actor. These men were a lot older so while I accepted their numbers and promised to give them a call, my eyes were on someone else for that night.

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He looked absolutely dashing in his best man suit. He was tall and very handsome. As soon as our eyes met, I knew I wanted a piece of him. Even though his eyes darted towards me from time to time, he was busy for most of the ceremony so he did not come over.

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