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I quickly turned the corner, not paying attention until I heard the metal on metal collision.

“Fuck,” I swore as I made eye contact with the person who I had literally run into. I looked up just in time to see a specialty cake from the store’s bakery topple off of the stack of groceries it was meticulously stacked upon, and onto the floor.


“Oh God. I am so sorry,” I quickly said. “Please tell me that’s just a basic cake that has no specific purpose.”

“I could, but it would be a lie,” he said as he bent down and picked up the container. The cake was entirely smashed against the plastic lid; there was no way to save it. “I had it specially ordered for my wife’s fifty-fifth birthday party.”

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“I’m so sorry,” I apologized with full sincerity. “Oh, I know, come with me. I will totally pay for a new cake and I don’t care if I have to pay extra to have it rushed.”

I quickly turned my cart around, only briefly glancing to make sure that he was following me. I swerved through customers, paying them no mind, focused solely on getting to the bakery counter as fast as I could. Finally I reached the counter, the counter that was decorated and adorned with beautiful cakes aplenty. “I need to get a cake,” I said with authority.

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