Must Read: The anal experiment [Part 1] {L*sbian Er0tica}

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I gently inserted the tip just past the entrance and kept twisting the toy round and round until her anus relaxed and I could enter deeper.

Bimbo and I are best friends. We have been friends since secondary school. But our relationship had grown into something special. I wouldn’t say we were lesbians, but we have done a few things over the years. We were each other’s first kiss and gave each other our first orgasms.

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We have experimented with so many things together before we then took the information we gathered to our respective boyfriends. We were so comfortable with each other that before we tried something new in bed, we first tried it with one another to see how we liked it. I learned what I liked with oral sex while with her and she learned with me too. We were 21 and still experimented from time to time.

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So, that afternoon, when Bimbo said to me as we sat together in my bedroom, “Teju, I think I want to give anal sex a try,” I was not surprised.

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