Hotel guest dragged from room and beaten for having noisy $ex

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A man having noisy sex in his hotel room was dragged out by a group of angry guests annoyed they couldn’t get any sleep.

Mr Lei reportedly ignore the bangs on the door and continued with his high-pitched lover.

CCTV footage from the hotel corridor shows a businessman named, Mr Zhang, holder a clothes hanger and kicking at Mr Lei’s door in attempt to shut the couple up.

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More than a dozen guests from different floors gathered in the outside Mr Lei’s door to watch the drama unfold, with Mr Zhang finally kicking the door open and dragging the passionate couple out,Daily Mirror reports

Cameras from the lobby of the hotel in Beihai City in South China show Mr Lei being beaten by the businessman and a number of others.
The violence finally ended after police arrived to mediate the case.
Officers, who said the angry guests were “too impulsive”, are said to have allowed Mr Zhang to pay Lei 15,000 RMB (about £1,800) in damages instead of having to begin a civil case.
Mr Zhang paid the amount and no arrests were made.

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