Honeymoon Wahala: Scared virgin wife batters husband because of huge manhood

It sounds like a funny headline which it might be but it’s very true, it happened in South Africa. Sometimes a normal sized dick can leave your head intact with a hot tempered new wife.


The couple met in church and vowed to abstain from sex till they got married. The husband, Mnombo Madyibi, 32 is nicknamed “Anaconda”. The husband got a bashing from his wife on the honeymoon night as report by Garteh Davies for Mail Online.

(Mail Online)

Now, you’re probably wondering why the wife never tied together to the fact that her husband’s nickname to his oversized manhood,a nickname he got from friends he plays football with. The couple were on their honeymoon in Coffee Bay, South Africa. The bride being a virgin saw the ‘anaconda’ first during the honeymoon, it was all fine and dory until the bride saw his manhood, something she described as a ‘hairy, scary cucumber’.

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‘All was well and she enjoyed the foreplay,’ Madyibi told the Daily Star.

‘But all hell broke loose the moment I took off my underwear.’

As the heavy petting continued, he said his wife reacted in horror, bit his ear and squeezed his private parts.

‘Before I knew it,’ he added, ‘she knocked me over with a bottle of wine before attempting to suffocate me with a red and white teddy bear I’d bought her as a gift.’

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 ‘I think she’s angry because I could only afford a cheaper honeymoon instead of the one she wished for in Zanzibar,’ Madyibi said.

Their screams woke up other guests at the bed and breakfast in Coffee Bay, the couple had to go home in separate transportation.

(The Tomatoes)

The wife had this to say: ‘He has a big penis – long like a cucumber and hairy and scary like a bush.’

‘He has a big penis – long like a cucumber and hairy and scary like a bush.

‘I only slapped him on the cheek.’

It certainly looks like the young marriage might be on the rocks right off the honeymoon. Plans are in motion for the couple to start counselling. They might need to look for amicable ways of resolving marital disputes before resorting to Police involvement

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Madyibi said: ‘I’ve only heard of penis enlargement and not penis shrinking.’

Having “Anaconda” isn’t always a good thing, sometimes it might have your head bashed in by your virgin bride who is seeing it for the first time during the honeymoon.

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