Exposed! 13 Hidden Signs Your Partner is Cheating on You…Take Note of No. 4,6 and 13

Are you suspecting that your partner might be cheating and you don’t know how to find out? This is the right signs you should watch out for.

When your partner is cheating, you might notice it if you really pay attention. According to Dailystar, here are 13 ways to know your partner is cheating. These 13 ways was provided by people on Reddit after someone asked“What are some signs your partner has cheated on you?”.
1. “They start accusing you of cheating.”
2. “Phone habits can change – they suddenly carry it around religiously, spend more time in the bathroom on it, start using a lock screen which doesn’t show notifications, etc.”
3. “A completely unrelated reason for needing to go on birth control is a big red flag.”
4. “He disconnected from me. He would become annoyed easily by me, he didn’t seem happy to see me when he got home and he was much more quiet. He disengaged with me because he was more engaged with her.”
5. “They suddenly have lots more things to do in the evenings/weekends which means they can’t see you.”
6. “They have more mood swings so one moment super lovey with you, next day super grumpy at you.”
7. “There’s always one person – some third party – that knows the SO is cheating, whether it’s a good friend of the SO or someone they work with. You’ll notice that the third party treats you differently. It’s subtle.”
8. “They talk about one new person A LOT and then all of a sudden, don’t mention them and get snappy when you try to ask.”
9. “If you ask where they’ve been and they have an answer that’s just a little too detailed.”
10. “Showering as soon as they come home, even before greeting you.”
11. “When they demand to go through your phone but throw a crying fit when you want to go through theirs.”
12. “A desire to bring up his/her name. It’s like showing they try to prove their innocence by how unconcerned they are by that person. So they’ll generally start naming them more often. Same thing for specific nights out, locations etc, but easiest to spot with names.”
13. “The biggest one is being defensive. If you ask any question that can be construed as an accusation, their response will be unjustifiably angry.”

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