Don’t stop having $ex, ladies! These 4 things will happen to your vagina when you stop having $ex

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A lot of times, we talk about the health benefits of sex, the advantages like it lowers your blood pressure, that’s good sex though not just some lame sex, did you know it also helps reduce the risk of heart attack. There you are! One more reason why you need to have sex, to reduce the risk of heart attack.

Our recent article series on sex positions has also revealed that it can serve as exercise, so if you’re exercise shy, you can always count on some sexual position to help you out. During orgasm, there is a hormone named oxytocin a.k.a cuddle hormone that gushes into your system, it’s the one responsible for the joy and the general feel good sensation coursing throughout your body after good sex.

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As interesting as the previous paragraph might be. Not every lady can have a fulfilling sex life. These can be due to several reasons such as personal decision informed by religion or spirituality, plain bad sex partners or whichever reason it might be. Ladies do also have dry periods of sex. While some people think if a guy doesn’t have sex for a while, his sperm might transform into tadpoles, which is totally false.

There are a few things that might happen if a lady stops having sex, especially with the sexual organ itself, the vagina.

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1. Sex is painful!



Having sex for the first time or after a long period of time will be very distasteful, the pain can be severe.  The most common side effect of a prolonged celibate stretch is painful intercourse, says Brett Worly,MD an ob-gyn at The Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center. Just as it hurts when you go for a run after a long stint of couch-potato-ing, you might feel some pain relieving a dry spell, “because your muscles aren’t used to having sex.”

The risk is even greater if your celibacy occurred because of something unpleasant, like an ugly breakup. “Psychological issues weighing on a person’s mind can cause pain, too,” says Worly.  The cure: Lubrication (the bottled kind is fine if you’re not producing enough on your own), foreplay, and communication are imperative. Worly advises couples to start slowly, to “ensure there’s no pain, and that it feels good.” And if it starts to hurt, stop. Try again another time, using even more foreplay, and even more lube. Sex isn’t a no-pain/no-gain type of activity.

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