The Complete Guide To Becoming A Lagos Big Boy

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So you want to be a Lagos Big Boy, so all the yellow girls can fall for you like the naira notes that rain from E-money’s money gun?

Being a Lagos Big Boy is not easy o. You will need all the packaging you can get. Because we love you, we decided to put this guide together for you, so you can ball on a budget and trap all the yellow girls you want. Here’s what you’d need to pass for a Lagos Big Boy, and stop all the club bouncers from blocking you at the entrance.

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1. A sweet ride

Either a Range Rover,  G -Wagon or a Toyota Land cruiser will do. Don’t scream just yet, we know you can’t afford them. Find one of your rich uncles to ‘run errands’ for whenever you need the car to borrow pose. Alternatively, you can get the car keys to these cars and brandish them everywhere you go.

Ghana Car Show 2

Image: Pinterest


2. Live on the Island.

By island, we mean, strictly Lekki, Ikoyi or Victoria Island. Forget places like Ajah, Badore, Epe etc. Those don’t count. You have two options: Become a caretaker for someone who has a big beautiful house on the Island, but lives abroad, or find friends to squat with.

Image: Instagram/Lekkiikoyibridge

Image: Instagram/Lekkiikoyibridge

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