All The Amazing Things That Comes With Having A Work Spouse

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Traditionally, a work spouse is a co-worker of the opposite sex with whom you have a close platonic relationship.

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But now, any co-worker who you have a close platonic relationship with is a work spouse really. What this means is that you two have mutual likes and have bonded over TV shows, music choices and a long list of other items. It’s almost always necessary to have a work spouse because we said so (and that’s a legit reason). But if you’re looking for more amazing reasons to get one, here’s some that we know.

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1. Bad days

No matter how fun you think your work is, it can never be all roses. And your work spouse will always be there to know when you’re moody and most likely what to fix up with.




2. Talk buddy

Another great reason why you should totally have a work spouse is for the endless conversations or gist as some people like to call it. Totally essential.




3. Freebies

Having a work spouse comes with quite a number of freebies – free food, free drinks etc. Should work both ways, not a commensal relationship. And if you’re super lucky that your work spouse has a car, front seat is sure for you when he/she is dropping you off at the closest bus stop.

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4. Coded Languages and Inside Jokes

Your work spouse understands the acronyms and slangs you guys have come up with and will follow them to the latter all the time.

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5. No boring lunch

You know how you’re supposed to spend thirty minutes or one-hour eating but because you have a work spouse it’s never like that? Cool.




6. Meeting seats

No need to tell anyone to keep space for you at meetings because you know your work spouse got you covered.

Image: Ravenois

Image: Ravenois


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7. Honest judgements

Your work spouse is really the only person you trust their judgement at the office. So if a co-worker thinks your shoe is inappropriate but your work spouse thinks it isn’t, then maybe it isn’t.



We love our office spouses. And sidebar, no one says you can have just one. Don’t quote us on this, though.

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