7 Subjects We All Hated In School Growing Up In Nigeria

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School sweet, but na exam spoil am!

And really, the sweet parts of school had to do with the interactions and some classes. For a lot of subjects, on this list, it was a cold war between students and the subjects. Here are some of them we hated so much that we slept when it was time for it or snuck out of class:

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1. Physics

Velocity is directly related to Speed. So find the relationship between velocity and speed.

Image: MemeGenerator

Image: MemeGenerator


2. Mathematics

If (x+y) = 7 and (2x -7) = 6. What is z? How am I supposed to know?


3. Biology

Can we not worry about long notes and internal structures, please?

Azuka Tired Face Meme

Image: KLCHII/Twitter


4. History

Some people never understood why we had to study about the Sokoto Caliphate till today.



5. Yoruba/Igbo/Hausa/French

Language teachers were terrible. Be carrying the whole thing like it’s by force. I don’t want to learn oh.

Image: PartyJollof

Image: PartyJollof


6. Further Mathematics

It’s not bad that Maths alone is difficult. Someone then thought it wise to add something further. Worst!



7. Chemistry

Especially organic chemistry. CH3COOH + CH4 will produce what compound if temperature, heat is left constant. What’s my business?

Peter Njuguna Gitau


Which other subjects did we miss out?

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