7 Subjects We All Hated In School Growing Up In Nigeria

School sweet, but na exam spoil am!

And really, the sweet parts of school had to do with the interactions and some classes. For a lot of subjects, on this list, it was a cold war between students and the subjects. Here are some of them we hated so much that we slept when it was time for it or snuck out of class:

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1. Physics

Velocity is directly related to Speed. So find the relationship between velocity and speed.

Image: MemeGenerator

Image: MemeGenerator


2. Mathematics

If (x+y) = 7 and (2x -7) = 6. What is z? How am I supposed to know?


3. Biology

Can we not worry about long notes and internal structures, please?

Azuka Tired Face Meme

Image: KLCHII/Twitter


4. History

Some people never understood why we had to study about the Sokoto Caliphate till today.



5. Yoruba/Igbo/Hausa/French

Language teachers were terrible. Be carrying the whole thing like it’s by force. I don’t want to learn oh.

Image: PartyJollof

Image: PartyJollof


6. Further Mathematics

It’s not bad that Maths alone is difficult. Someone then thought it wise to add something further. Worst!



7. Chemistry

Especially organic chemistry. CH3COOH + CH4 will produce what compound if temperature, heat is left constant. What’s my business?

Peter Njuguna Gitau


Which other subjects did we miss out?

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