7 Before And After Pictures Of Places In Lagos That Will Make You Say Wow

We totally love it when we come across artists carrying out remarkable projects.

Say hello to Jeremiah Ikongio who has a project called Juxtposed Lagos.

Image: Jere Ikongio

Image: Jere Ikongio


According to the project’s page,

It is an interactive web-based Photography Installation. The photo project explores and documents old and changing urban landscapes to create a fused archive of contemporary and historic Lagos.

The project prompts reflection on important questions about our value for history and archives in today’s world and the need to build more modern structures to satisfy the taste for the modernity of the burgeoning urban population with contemporary architecture and designs.


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It goes on to further state that

The project actively involves online documentation of found archival photographs of Architect and Photographer Gillian Hopwood, who, with her husband John Godwin, moved to Lagos in 1954 to work. Her iconic photographs which depict dynamic architectural pieces, interesting people and famous places in Lagos are merged with photographs of present day situations and how they are being appropriated. The juxtaposed images take a new form in an online interactive platform that largely includes (but is not limited to) pre-independence, early post-independence photos between 1955 and 1965 with photographs from made in 2015.


Now take a look at the differences between these pictures taken in 1958 and 2015 respectively.

1. Tinubu Square


Image: Jere Ikongio

Image: Jere Ikongio



Image: Jere Ikongio

Image: Jere Ikongio

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