6 Ways Nigerians Use The Nylon Bag

Driving through the slums of any major city in Naija, the first thing you’d notice sticking out of the ground are polyethene bags.

Here in Naija, we call them ‘Nylon Bags.”Besides contributing to environmental pollution, these bags don’t decay. While other western countries have resorted to other means of packaging, I doubt we’re anywhere close to getting rid of ours.

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Nonetheless, the popular nylon bags have been quite handy over the years. Here are a few ways we’ve put them to use:

1. Shower Caps

Ladies, have you ever been caught up somewhere and forgot to pack your shower cap in your bag? And God knows you’re not ready to take off that weave. There comes the almighty nylon bag to the rescue. It’s served as a cover for as long as I can remember, look out during the rains and you’d spot one too many ladies wearing one.

alternative ways to use the nylon bags

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2. Food Containers

This goes out to all my mothers who intentionally ask their kids to get a clean black nylon bag on a Saturday morning. Those bags have brought home wedding favours for as long as I can remember. What about all the food we tie inside nylon?

Moi Moi in nylon

Image: WivesTownHallConnection

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