6 Pricing Tips You Should Take Along With You To The Market

The typical Nigerian market is a battlefield. Everybody is out there for his and his only and if your eyes aren’t literally open, your money will disappear into thin air.

Image: NationalGeographic

Image: NationalGeographic


You need to be able to price everything you’re buying especially when you’re at the open markets and so today, we’ll be sharing some tips you should take along with you. Prior to recent times, I used to drop money once I heard the cost of something until my eyes were literally opened to the wonders of pricing.

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1. Go with someone who haggles well

You should know someone who haggles so good that sometimes you feel bad for the vendor (mostly our mothers). Offer to pay for their transport fare or buy them a good item and then take them along with you. Always works!

Image: Flickr

Image: Flickr


2. Always ask questions/be in the know

It’s a lot of work but you get to save extra naira notes. Ask people, check stalls and markets and then buy. For example, if you want to buy a pair of size 42 brogues at the men’s section, ask as many vendors as you can. You will find different styles and designs, but it’s helpful.

Photo: BTSAdventures.com

Photo: BTSAdventures.com


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3. Divide the first price you hear into half

When you eventually pick a place to buy an item and the vendor tells you the cost, break it into half and then tell the vendor that’s what you’re paying.

kotokuraba market

Image: www.newsghana.com


4. Start increasing

Now if he/she (the vendor that is) doesn’t drive you away but rather calls something close to the initial price, start increasing the amount you got after dividing into half. For instance, the shoes are 10k. Half of it is 5k. He’s probably calling 9k. You say 5,500 or 6k.

makola market

Image Credit: AcuteByDesign.com


5. Ask for his last price

The next obvious thing to do is ask for the last price because you don’t have all day and you cannot be adding 500 naira to the price. So, ask for the final amount he wants to sell it and if it’s fine with you, pay for it.

Image: Naij

Image: Naij


6. Visit another stall

If it’s not fine with you, tell him you’ll be back and go to another stall to start all over again. Chances are that if the price is fair enough, he’ll call you back to buy and end up saying “na because you be customer

Image: Extraordinary Journeys

Image: Extraordinary Journeys


Now for all this to work, you have to drop your pride aside because Nigerian market sellers are very rude and will go on to insult you for pricing. You also need to go with your fake face. If you’re the smiley kinda person, nobody will take you seriously. So vex, bone and buy that item you want.

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