6 Party Memories Every Nigerian Has From Childhood

Nigerian parties are always turnt!

Other countries are learning when it comes to the act of partying. Our “Owambes” are fun, entertaining and filled with awesome jollof rice.

Naija didn’t choose the party life, the party life chose us

Growing up, we had lots of fun with games and television. But parties were part of the fun. We had birthdays, naming ceremonies and more to attend.

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The party life definitely started early. Here are some memories we all share from our awesome Naija childhood:

1. Every Owambe is payday

Do you know how many potential money sprayers will come for the party?! Time to get paid. Lol!

Man catching falling cash

2. Dancing harder to attract money sprayers

When the money starts to fall, the dance has to increase.

Governor Rochas Okorocha dancing

Image: NigerianBulletin

3. Overeating because your mum is in charge of food

Trust your Naija mother to keep plenty food for you, your siblings and your entire extended family. You go too chop!

African Man Overeating

Image: WYDLBLACK/Twitter

4.  The best part of the party: Drinks

Fanta and Schwepes with Straw

Image: NorthOfLagos/WordPress

5. Waiting for your parents after the party

Parents can like to gist after the party has ended. Don’t they know the party is over and it’s time to go?

Bruh Meme

Image: KnowYourMeme

6.  The parental banking system surfaces

Isn’t it surprising that all the money you made somehow disappears into your parents’ “I’ll keep the money for you” habit? And you never see it. Like why are they:

Why You Lying Meme

Image: KnowYourMeme

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