5 Things Everyone Who Loved Romance Novels As A Teenager Can Relate To

Reading Mills and Boons and Harlequin novels was basically a rite of passage for a lot of Nigerians.

mills and boons

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Remember the good old days of getting lost in between the pages of romance novels? Remember obsessively imagining yourself as the hero/heroine who was being whisked off in a private jet to a private island? Or the less than average girl whose super-rich boss is miraculously head over heels in love with her? The memories we got from reading those books are priceless. If you loved reading those unrealistic novels, then this post is for you:

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1. Hiding to read the books

A lot of Nigerian parents did not approve of their kids reading romance novels, ‘so they won’t learn bad things’. Thus reading had to be done stealthily, usually at night when everyone was asleep. If you were unlucky and there was no power, as usual, reading had to be done by candlelight. Not like anyone minded, we enjoyed the books too much to care.

Image- Kristinaaziz.blogspot.com

Image- Kristinaaziz.blogspot.com

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