5 Pictures You Can Relate To If You’ve Ever Tangled With The Nigerian Police Force

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The Nigerian police is your friend!

It would be a big challenge for any normal Nigerian to read the above statement without scoffing or with a straight face. Apart from Korede Belloand Aliyu Giwa, most of the officers of the NPF are not your friends.

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Don’t get me wrong. I love the Nigerian police. I’m a patriotic Nigerian and all. But who hasn’t had “an experience” with the Naija police? If you’ve encountered our gallant officers before, you can relate to the following:

1.  Let’s go to the station

This saying is a police officer’s best friend. Any small offence, let’s go to the station.

Nigerian Police be like

Image: NairaLand


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2.  When they see a fine car

The moment the police see a fine car, they will stop it. They must disturb you until you roger!

Will Smith Crazy Dance

Image: FunnyOrdie


3.  Can we know you?

Biko, what do you wanna know? My name? My age? What exactly? Police can ask very silly questions.

Bruh Meme

Image: KnowYourMeme


4.  Anything for the boys

After disturbing you and not finding any excuse to take you back to the station. This is the next question. You better do happy weekend for them.

Nigerian police meme

Image: SocDaily


5.  Waving gun upandan

This one is not just peculiar to the police alone. Any small thing, they’ve cocked their guns and pointed at you. And the next thing is asking you to come down from your car. Nigerian armed forces and waving their guns around:

Robert Mugabe Meme

Image: LifeofBmax/Twitter


What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you with the Naija police?

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