5 Beautiful Places That Will Make You Want To Visit Bauchi State

Bauchi state was formed in 1976 when the former North-Eastern State was divided.

It originally included Gombe State (which became a distinct state in 1996) and has about 20 local government areas. According to tradition, it was named after a hunter known as ‘Baushe,’ who settled in the region before the arrival of Yakubu, the first traditional ruler of Bauchi emirate (founded 1800–1810).

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Although the state adopted Sharia Law in 2001, that hasn’t stopped the state from living up to its name as the “pearl of tourism”. Besides being known for the Yankari Game Reserve, it has other sites open to the public. And yes, cameras are allowed in places like the Emir’s Palace.

Here are top sites to visit when in Bauchi State are:

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1. The Emir’s Palace

The Emir of Bauchi’s palace was built by the famed Babban Gwani, (Muhammadu Durugu); a 19th-century master builder from Zaria, Kaduna State. Till date, the Emir still lives and holds court within the palace. Visitors are allowed within certain areas of the palace for sightseeing.

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Image: Irene Becker

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