4 Awesome positions for the best clitoral stimulation

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So, you know how to shag, but want to know it better, thrusts are good but clitoral stimulations are even better. The dicking combined with stimulating the clitoris will give an out of this world experience.


This is an article for ladies but also an expo for the guys, so guys, take time to read this well.

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You might think just been on top or riding the dick should give some incredible orgasm. Sorry hun! Most of what they depict in movies or porn are as remote realistic as you think it is.

Clearly, we’re not all the same when it comes orgasm, riding a dick might be enough for orgasm, for others they might need more help them achieve orgasm, this help can be in form of hand clitoral simulation (touching yourself, rubbing the clitoris).

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However, Julia Hamilton wrote in the Cosmopolitan couple of positions can help you.

1. The Bar Stool

The Bar StoolThe Bar Stool



Lots of women have their most reliable orgasms by leaning back and rubbing, circling, or tapping their clits. If this is you, then do that. Hop on a bar stool (or dresser or table) and spread your legs. The positioning gives you free rein to rub yourself as you please. This makes his thrusts inside you feel extra amazing, plus he gets to watch exactly how you like to be touched.

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