20 Exciting Things Every Man Wants To Hear From Bae

Making your man happy is not hard at all …..

Just say one of these things to him frequently 😂 👇🏿

1. Will you eat?

Whether it’s food or food 😋 😉 😏


2. I’ll pay bae

Don’t worry baby, I got it 😁 💰



3. You can go and watch EPL with the boys

Really Happy


4. Your friends are so cool but you’re the coolest among them all

I mean 😁

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5. Babe, it’s not about your money …


6. Babe, i bought these adidas originals for you

Photo: Poka Arts/Instagram

Photo: Poka Arts/Instagram


7. You’re a monster in bed


8. Babe, you don’t have to buy me the new iPhone 7 …

Aww! ❤️


9. You can play PS4 or XBox all day 

… I bought you the new Fifa 17




10. Food is ready

Once again, whether it’s food or food 😉 😏

Photo: ReplyGIF.net

Photo: ReplyGIF.net


11. You smell good baby

Dude! you’re so in there ….


12. Happy birthday, I bought a gift for you

… it’s not socks nor handkerchief


13. I’m preparing your favorite food tonight ….

All sorts of ideas come to mind … 😏


14. We should start a business together towards our future

She’s the one ❤️


15. Babe, let’s forget the club/party and cuddle

Awww! ❤️


16. I don’t care about all the girls you like on IG


17. I’ve seen all the girls you’re flirting with on social media but I don’t care, i trust you

Even though no man will ever hear these words ….

Photo: ReplyGIF.net

Photo: ReplyGIF.net


18. Babe, let’s forget about eating out, i”ll make dinner


19. You’re the best guy I’ve ever dated

… and genuinely mean it


20. Size, money and looks don’t matter


What exciting thing do you want to hear from bae?

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