12 Signs You Are Addicted To The Internet

You are addicted to the internet if you you’re familiar with the following signs …. 👇🏿 👇🏿

1. Free Wi-Fi makes your day



2. You no longer ask for phone numbers ..

… but rather Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram etc. usernames

flip phone


3. You prefer Whatsapping or texting to calling




4. You Google everything

Before, you would ask someone in the know, these days, you’ll just Google every damn thing …

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5. Your Facebook or Instagram app is always opened in the background …

smart phones



6. You have a million and one photo filter apps

For the love of the gram ….


7. Shorthands have become your norm

Thanks to text messaging, you write shorthands even when you’re writing ..

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8. You’re super bored when your internet is not working

… or when your data bundle is used up


9. You take pictures of everything … 

to share on social media, of course ..


10. You could spend a whole day on social mediaand never feel tired

Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook ….


11. You just love the download button


12. You have countless quotes on your phone

ready to unleash them on demand ….

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