11 Things All Lagosians Who Take BRT Buses Can Totally Relate To

The Lagos Bus Rapid Transit System, also known as BRT, is a bus rapid transit system in Lagos State, Nigeria.


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BRT’s are basically Danfos with international exposure, and if you’ve ever had to use one to get to your destination, then you can totally relate to these struggles.

1. When the person selling the tickets tells you that there’s no change.



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2. When the queue is too long and all the buses keep getting full, but it still isn’t your turn.

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3. When someone tries to cut the line.


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4. When the bell does not work, and you have to shout ‘Owa o’.

beyonce why meme

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5. When you throw your ticket away and there’s a random check during the journey.

Obasano Meme

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6. When there’s a broken down bus on the lane and the driver does not spot it on time

crying nigerian man

Image: IdAfrica


7. When the bus is filled with horrible smells early in the morning.

face looks disgust

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8. When you pass by people in danfos

Obasanjo face meme

Image: Image: VhickThorKing/Twitter


9.  When you have to stand throughout your ride.

ohhh meme

Image: NairaLand


10. When the bus is jam packed and all the passengers have to squeeze like sardines


Image- NairaLand


11. When someone is looking into your phone and trying to read your texts.

Mind your business

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BRT is still better than danfo sha.

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