10 things you should say and do for better Oral $ex!

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Ladies! These tips are guaranteed to amplify your oral sex enjoyment to a whole new level!


A good advantage of receiving oral sex is that your mouth is free that is if it isn’t buried into the other person’s genital.

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As Nigerians, we are naturally very judgmental when it comes to any form of sex, either oral or penetrative sex. If you wanna be real, I can give you this simple advise, if your mouth is free then you owe it to yourself to talking as well as moaning, telling the person giving the oral sex how you like it, nudge them in the right direction.

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Your comments can give your partner the map of how much pleasure can be derived from sensitive part of your pussy.  Don’t let the bad oral sex continue.

1. Typically Men don’t like to ask for directions, forget this statement, be as direct as you can e.g “Babe, go lower” “Yes, that’s the spot” “Suck it harder”



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