10 Incredible Books By Nigerian Authors You Need To Read

With Nigeria ranking # 1 on the world’s most corrupt countries list, one would conclude there’s nothing good about her.

To worsen matters her image is indeed terrible; a land known to yield obscene email scammers, to religious violence.

To be on the safest side, one would be advised to steer clear of her. But underneath all that lies, a beautiful soul beautifully captured by the minds or great writers whose voices have echoed over the waters to far away continents.

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From the oil-polluted swamps of the Niger Delta in the south to the sharia-governed Muslim states in the arid north, Nigeria’s regions and many ethnicities often have little in common.

Of course, this diversity is one of Nigeria’s intrinsic problems but it is also what makes it such a stimulating place.

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My country is a land of rich cultures, stunning artistic achievements, abundant with industrious and resourceful people.

Here are 10 books by Nigerian authors that best capture her soul.

1. Things fall apart by Chinua Achebe

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