The 10 Features Of A Typical Runs Girl

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This days we have so many runs girls on d loose, some claiming to be from rich families to disguise while some are proud of it. Well here are easy ways to spot them….

1)Appearance- Most runs girls love putting on revealing clothes obviously to attract customers, some even fix eye lashes long enough to sweep third mainland bridge

2) Bleaching- Choi, this is so common among runs girls, they all believe you have to be light-skinned, they all bleach and when they get older you see stretch marks like USB cords and green veins all over their body. *pukes*

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3) Tattoos- hmm…. looks like the new trend, most of them love drawing tattoos most especially rose flowers on their bosoms or hand.

4) Accessories- They use the latest phones and gadgets. Obviously ‘ maga dey pay’

5) Most of them use waist beads and anklets. choi that bead can turn a man on ehn.

6) They are always chilling. You find them lounging in expensive hotels and joints, Dubai chilling n all,

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7) You see different cars parked in front of their houses everyday and different men coming out of the cars, when you turn car dealer??

8)Sad but true, they can easily tell how big a guys ‘kpekus’ is by only seeing him walk. They r automatic manhood size detector.

9) They seize every opportunity to snap pictures in expensive places to oppress their fellow runs girl rivals and to show they have arrived.

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10) They date older men, obviously for money.

I drop my golden pen at this point.

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