10 Careers Every Ghanaian Kid Wanted To Pursue In Future

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Ah! It’s free to dream right?

Growing up everyone of us wanted to be one of these people in future … true or false?

1. Doctor

Almost every kid wanted to be a doctor, just because it’s easier said than done! 😭


2. Secretary

And every girl wanted to be a secretary, they all got deceived by the job’s fancy name 😂

image: stockimages.com

image: stockimages.com


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3. Pilot

Kids just believed they could fly ✈️ 😂

Image: Courtesy

Image: Courtesy


4. Engineer

Some kids didn’t even know what the job entailed, just the name was enough to claim it …


5. Nurse

Girls who didn’t want to be secretaries opted for Nursing …


Image: AkwaabaNews.com


6. Journalist

Majority of us wanted to be journalists …. so we can go like “Napoleon Ato Kittoe reporting for GTV news” 😂

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Photo: TEDx, Anas Aremeyaw/Facebook

Photo: TEDx, Anas Aremeyaw/Facebook


7. Lawyer

The fancy kids definitely wanted to be lawyers …




8. Teacher

Some people wanted to teach ….




9. Business woman/man

Those who had no clue what they wanted to be in the future just simply said they wanted to be business men and women, those are the people who are sakawa boys and boss chicks today 😂 just kidding …

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What did you want to be in the future? Let us know in the comment box below

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