$uper Er0tica: Flatmates [Part 1]

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Morning light streaming in through the window…

Kate felt warm and wonderful with Michael lying naked in her bed, her arm and leg wrapped around him, her body pressed up against his. She couldn’t  remember when she had slept so well or felt so content upon waking. With one arm folded under her head, her free hand was lazily gliding over the planes of his body. She loved feeling his warm skin, enjoyed sliding her hand over the contours of his arm muscles, up his back, down chest, revelling in the delicious contrast between the smooth skin of his shoulders and the coarse smattering of chest hair.

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So masculine, so strong, so sexy.

She watched her caramel hand glide over the warm dark brown skin of his chest and her gaze glided upward to take in his beautiful face. She examined his adam’s apple and the bit of stubble showing along his strong jaw. She reached  her hand up to caress his jaw and cheek and looked at his full sensual lips that she loved to kiss. Her tongue snaked  out of her mouth and wet  her own lips in anticipation. She noticed how his eyes followed  her tongue and the sexy grin that lit his face. That sultry grin of his made her heart flutter every time she saw it.

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