$uper Er0tica: The First Time [Part 2]

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“Yes,” is all Falida could manage to say, but it was all she needed to say.

Turning around, she placed her hands on Sarah’s hips and pulled her close. With their tits barely touching, both of them gently brushed their crotches against each other. They grinned at each other as they looked down at the same time to see 4 nipples hard and straining against their confines, occasionally rubbing together. The intensity of having another woman’s nipples moving back and forth over hers increased the moisture Falida was feeling, to the point where she felt like she was dripping her juices onto the floor. Sarah pulled Falida closer to her, their lips only inches apart, their tits pressing hard to one another, their entire torsos seemingly joined as one. Without a word needing to be spoken, she leaned to Sarah, kissing her gently. The softness of her lips was incredible. Much more than she expected them to be. Feeling the tip of Sarah’s tongue on her own lips, she parted hers, inviting her partner’s tongue into her mouth.

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The sensation of having another woman kissing her was beyond marvelous. Sarah pressed harder against Falida’s body, sliding her hands down and squeezing her ass. In response, Falida did the same. Sliding Falida’s skirt up just enough, Sarah’s hand was on her bare ass. Leaning back, she broke their kiss, but did not want to let go of this wonderfully round ass she had a hold of. Taking a hold of Sarah’s breast, Falida squeezed it gently, her thumb rubbing over her partner’s nipple. Looking into each other’s eyes, their desire and lust was quickly overtaking them. This is exactly what Falida had hoped for, and she was finally experiencing and fulfilling her most secret fantasy.

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