[S*x, Love]: 5 mind-blowing positions for a one night stand

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One basic tip for a one night stand: “Take it slow to build the arousal before hitting the sheets”.

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There is usually something that doesn’t quite click when you are having sex with a new person. Having sex with a new guy for the first time is bound to be a bit nerve-wracking.

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It is really important to be totally sure you are ready for this deed even before the foreplay commence for that life affirming orgasms.

Some sexpert argue that ‘amazing sex usually comes from really knowing your partner’s body’ which is nearly impossible in a one night stand that’s why we rounded up 5 best position for making the experience memorable in a good way.

  • Doggy

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How to do it: Imagine that you and them ain’t nothing but mammals, baby. Then do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.

Why it’s great for just one night: Real talk, it’s the most one-night stand of all the positions. You aren’t looking at each other, it’s totally animalistic, and you can play with your clit and really feel yourself. Done and done.

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