Must Read: Working Out with a Cucumber [$uper Er0tica]

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My clit began to throb and I began rubbing the cucumber erotically against it.

I hurriedly unlocked her apartment door, my legs clamped together in hopes that that would help with the heat and tingling sensation in my cunt.

I was coming from the home of  a close friend, Ada and we had passed the afternoon watching the hottest porn movie I had ever seen. As we watched, I felt myself getting turned on. Ada did too but we were not the type to get experimental with each other even though those thoughts filled my mind as I sat next to her. When I could not take it anymore, I made up an excuse and rushed out. I really needed to let off some steam and I wanted to be home for that.

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As soon as I entered, I went straight to my bedroom. I took off my shirt and jeans, then my bra went next. I began to knead my breasts roughly, pulling them and massaging them. A light moan escaped my lips as I played with myself. I went to lay on my bed and pushed my hand inside my panties. I felt my big clit poking out like a tiny hard cock and my pussy juice had gotten me all wet.

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