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She was in the middle of washing off the scrub from her face, enjoying the sensation of running her fingers all over her cheeks,her very chubby cheeks. She was thinking about the previous night, eyes closed and smiling, remembering how it had felt to have held him deep inside her, her legs shaking afterwards, their shallow breaths gradually slowing down together. Her thoughts were pleasantly occupied when she heard an “ahem” behind her. Her eyes snapped open at the quiet indication that she was no longer alone. She found herself staring at the object of her daydreaming, apparently standing in the tub with her.


“Wha—how—what are you doing in here?” Shocked at his sudden appearance, she automatically whipped around, facing the showerhead mounted on the wall and turning her back to him. “I thought you’d left for work already,you said you had a meeting.”

“You were taking ages in here, babe, and I’ve got things to do.”

There was a pause.

“Seriously, Tunde?” She looked back at him in disbelief.

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“Madam,you can like to move o.” He gently edged around her on the outside, brushing past the shower curtain and shifting her five foot six frame easily along the length of the tub. There was so little space between them that she was essentially hugging the wall at one point, before realizing they had switched places — he was now under the water, and she was where he had been.

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