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She arrived at my studio clutching a few bags. They did not look bulky, no surprise I suppose. When we discussed what she wanted on the phone, it was your regular boudoir shoot, some somewhat revealing shots wearing various sexy items, that type of thing. We said our hellos and she was a little nervous explaining as she had on the phone that this was her first time doing anything like this. I told her I would try to make everything as comfortable as possible and handed her a glass of wine with the remark, “this helps to settle the nerves a little.”

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She smiled as she took the glass and said, “well I have no idea how we should start?”

“Don’t worry about that. That’s why you’re hired me. I’ll take care of it. Just relax for a few minutes.” She smiled once again and took a sip of the Chardonnay.

I picked up my camera and started to take some shots. She sat on the small chair just to the side of the white backdrop. “Have we started already?” she asked nervously.

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