Experiences Everyone With Super Religious Parents Can Relate To

Africans are deeply religious.

Nigerians are right at the top of the most religious African country list. We’re conservative. And we don’t joke with religion.

Growing up, many of us had no choice but to comply with our religious parents’ rule. Now that most of us are grown, we can look back and laugh at some of the things we experienced. If you had religious parents, then you must have experienced the following:

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1.  You always get to church before everyone else

Your parents are probably workers in their religious establishment. They will get to church hours before everyone else. And you’d be waiting for church service to start like:



2.  Your family is always the last to leave

And you’d be so hungry while your parents greet every member of the church and have meetings with the pastor. In your mind, you’re just going:


ohhh meme


3.  Extremely long morning devotions

Morning devotion in your house is just as long as a typical church service. Waking up early was such a pain!

Morning Devotion in Nigerian Homes


4.  You become a prayer point if you misbehave

Should you ever misbehave at home or in school, your parents will sub you via prayer point during morning devotion. Another tactic of theirs is to turn your “misbehaviour” into a moral lesson.

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African parent meme

Image: MemeNaija


5.  You can never get away with anything, ever!

There are so many people who know your parents and can’t wait to report any wrong doing on your part to them.

African aunts meme

Image: MemeNaija


6.  All your clothes are baggy

Religious parents have something against clothes that fit. Baggy clothes were holier jare.

Growing up black


7.  No friendship/relationship with the opposite sex

For where?! Your friends will be handpicked by your parents and only the holiest of your gender make the cut.

Deeper life hug

Image: NairaLand


Oya, what’s the craziest thing you experienced with your religious parents?

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