I Cheated on My Boyfriend and Now He Wants to Have S*x With Another Girl as Revenge – Woman Confesses

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A young woman has told a rather stunning tale of her boyfriend’s quest for revenge after she cheated on him.

The young woman shared her story in a letter she sent to The Sun UK, seeking some help.
According to her, she cheated on her boyfriend with another man and now her boyfriend wants to take revenge by having s*x with another person.
This situation has left her feeling empty.
Below is how she told the story:
I had great s*x with a guy who asked me out for the evening but I felt guilty and later came clean to my boyfriend.
I told him everything, only keeping the most embarrassing, dirty details to myself.
But now I worry I made a terrible mistake.
He has decided he will have s*x with another woman.
I suppose this is his revenge and he may be doing it as I write.
We have been together for two years.
I am 26, he is 25.
I know he loved me and I love him.
Our relationship is reasonably happy though pretty much one-sided, with me making all the effort.
There had been times when I badly needed him but he was not there for me.
I managed to overlook this but it upset me.
He has always been loyal though inclined towards gambling and hanging around with his mates rather than be with me.
When this other fella asked me out, my boyfriend was off with his friends again, so I thought: “Why not?”
The evening turned into a whole weekend and we had lots of really wild s*x.
When I got home I decided not to tell my boyfriend.
Then I thought more about it and decided I owed it to myself to be open and honest.
So I confessed.
My boyfriend listened and asked for details.
Eventually I let out almost everything, though some details I kept back as the other guy is ten years older and a more imaginative lover than my boyfriend is.
He says he still loves me but he sees no future together.
I totally understand this but I love him so much and I do not want to lose him.
I have tried hard to get things back to where they were.
Seeing his face and being able to talk to him has kept me going, but now he has decided to have s*x with someone else.
I have never felt as hopeless as I do now.
I would never repeat that awful mistake.
Can things get better?

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