The Best Way To Approach And Pick Up A Woman At The Bar

In theory, the bar is a fertile ground to find babes. On any given Friday night, you’ll spot a beautiful woman blowing off steam after a tough work week, or catching up with friends over a couple of strong cocktails. In practice, however, picking up women at pubs and clubs is a far trickier feat. She’s there to relax and let loose—not listen to some guy try to sound suave while fumbling with his pint glass.

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But it all starts with your approach.

#10. Do Relax. Stop worrying about what I might think of you. I’ll probably like you a lot better and give you more time if you come over and talk to me naturally rather than using a line or nervously talking crap. Women can tell if a guy is confident or sh*tting his pants. Try thinking of something funny as you walk over so it isn’t some creepy “I’m confident” smile.

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