7 Scenarios That Are Too Real For Gym Newbies

There’s nothing as exciting as hitting the gym.

You’re so pumped up and excited that you have to tell everyone. All your social media posts are now tagged, “fitfam, gym, abs state of mind” and many other fitness phrases you can think of. You have joined the cool fit squad and you’re “oppressing” everyone you know.

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Then gym day comes and reality sets in. You realise this your fitfam life isn’t easy. It’s way more than packing a gym bag. Here are a few harsh scenarios gym folk especially newbies face:

1. Rather than focusing on your workout routine, you think everyone’s watching you and how bad you are at working out.

Treadmill fail gif

Image: Imgur


2. You have no idea how to work the machine

Mr Potato head Toy Story Gym Fail gif

Image: Bustle


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3. You prefer to gym at night when it’s empty, you feel you’re too fat.

But isn’t that why you’re there in the first place?

Images by Mirror UK

Images by Mirror UK


4. You spend the first 30 minutes working out when your instructor tells you.

How’s that for a warm up session?!

Homer Simpson Gym Gif

Image: Metropotam


5. You get jealous watching a group of friends having fun while working out

Gym struggles

Images by Onedio


6. You wake up on the 6th day thinking you’d have lost 10kg only to find out you lost 1kg.

And you’re like, “What am I doing here?”

Gym struggles

Images by Onedio


7. You’re clumsy at routines you’d rather hang at the back of the class where no one sees you mess up.

Gym struggles


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